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Team Juvenescence


Team Juvenescence – Stella, Dr. Sharon, and Beatrice.

Your safety is our greatest priority when you are undergoing treatment at Juvenescence Medi Spa and Laser Clinic.

Our customer-centric approach is to provide all clients a face to face consultation before undertaking any treatments. This is not our opportunity to sell you any products or treatments, rather we focus the assessment on your concerns, skin condition and medical history to ensure you are aware of your choices, and medically safe to have the treatments that our experts may suggest. Our team of qualified and highly experienced professionals is dedicated to help individual customers with their skin and beauty needs.

We also commit to place our clients at the heart of the care and services provided by us – without commercial bias, through compassionate and individualized care planning that is based upon our clients’ needs and requirements.

Our therapists and practitioners are specially trained and highly experienced in the latest advanced laser and anti-aging skin rejuvenation technology. We offer an extensive range of services to choose from; state-of-the-art laser hair removal, laser skin rejuvenation, laser tattoo removal, laser acne treatment, microhydrabrasion, facials, non-surgical facelift threading, cosmetic injectables and non-surgical double chin reduction.