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Beatrice Chua

Beatrice Chua – Registered Nurse and Laser Clinician

Beatrice has been a registered nurse for 24 years with the last 17 years in the role of clinical nurse. She has a Post Graduate Certificate in Stomal Therapy Nursing which incorporates Complex Wound Management. Currently working at a busy surgical ward of a large private hospital, one day each week she purely focuses on Stomal Therapy and wound management.

Beatrice completed training in Laser Therapy using the SOMA Laser Australia equipment. She is happy to be joining the team and looks forward to treating clients in laser hair removal and carbon/china doll facials and she is excited to be able to treat clients for laser tattoo removal also. Her strong background in wound management will allow her to follow through with clients on their journey to achieve optimum skin healing.

“My interest in laser therapy was sparked when I looked around me and saw the boom in our population adorned with tattoo. As a strong believer in natural beauty, I am interested in how laser therapy can assist our skin’s natural ability to rejuvenate, heal and hence bring it back to nature and further enhance our inner beauty” – Beatrice Chua.