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Laser Tattoo Removal

Today we are witnessing the increased demand for removing tattoos. This is a result of inevitable changes in fashion and styles, or simply of aging and growing up.

This technique often requires multiple treatments, even for removal of small tattoos, because tattoos are located in different layers of the skin. The laser breaks down black ink easily, and green ink is most challenging.

Just like every person, every tattoo is different. Our clinic uses the most advanced technology available to achieve the highest rate of success in the complete removal of tattoos.

Advice is based on individual client tattoo assessment and factors such as size of tattoo.

Please be informed that photos will be taken pre and post each treatment.

Indicative prices:

  • 2cms x 2cms = $65
  • 6cms x 4cms = $90
  • 9cms x 9cms = $180
  • 15cms x 10cms = $270
  • A5 size (i.e. ½ of A4 size) = $540

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