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Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is one of our most popular treatments as it allows our patients freedom from daily hair removal. Commonly treated areas include the armpits, legs, arms, bikini area, back, chest and the face. Laser hair removal treatments provide our patients with long term hair reduction.

At Juvenescence Medi Spa and Laser Clinic we use the best-in-class laser equipment sourced from Soma Lasers Australia – the leading distributor of Aesthetic Devices in Australia with a track record of over 20 years.

How do Lasers work for hair removal? Specially made lasers (of a particular wavelength) send specific, controlled pulses of light through the skin that are absorbed by the melanin (pigment) present in hair follicles. The energy is converted to heat, which then destroys the hair follicles (without harming the surrounding tissue) and significantly slows down their ability to re-grow hair. As hair grows in phases and depending on other factors such hair density in target area, hormonal factors, etc., multiple rounds of treatment and laser hair reduction may be needed on a case-to-case basis to achieve permanent hair removal.

Please call us on 8336 3623 for a complimentary consultation with Beatrice or Stella.

Pricing as given below:


For 1 Turn 

For 6 Turns 

For 10 Turns

Full Legs

$199 (1T) 

 $954 (6T) 

 $1390 (10T)

Half Legs

$1149 (1T) 

 $840 (6T) 

 $1300 (10T)


$60 (1T) 

 $330 (6T) 

 $400 (10T)


$139 (1T) 

 $600 (6T) 

 $950 (10T)


$49 (1T) 

 $234 (6T) 

 $340 (10T)

Full Arm

$165 (1T) 

 $729 (6T) 

 $1160 (10T)

Half Arm

$119 (1T) 

 $570 (6T) 

 $830 (10T)

Full Back

$175 (1T) 

 $858 (6T) 

 $1250 (10T)

Half Back

$119 (1T) 

 $570 (6T) 

 $1160 (10T)


$199 (1T) 

 $954 (6T) 

 $830 (10T)


$69 (1T) 

 $330 (6T) 

 $480 (10T)


$20 (1T) 

 $108 (6T) 

 $160 (10T)

Full Face

$60 (1T) 

 $348 (6T) 

 $550 (10T)